Responsible of Somaliland CommissiResponsibles of Somaliland Good Governance Commission Meet The Better Governance Concept Worker Delegation At head office Hargeisa Oct 10, 2021

.  The Chairman of the Good Governance Commission of the Republic of Somaliland Dayib Aden Haji Ali accompanied by the Directors of Departments, Administration, Planning, Personnel, Anti-Corruption and the Director of Awareness today met with a delegation from the Better Governance Project and discussed a number of issues. The Good Governance Project Delegation also spoke at the meeting, describing their work and how happy they are to be working with the Good Governance Commission in the future. 

The delegation is assessing Somaliland's good governance process which was briefed by officials from the Good Governance Commission and agreed that co-operation will begin in the near future. The concept for The Better Governance Project was developed by former colleagues at a Stockholm-based international development consulting firm.