• Good Governance andAnti-corruption Commissionaire is aNationalGovernmentalCommissionaire established with a
  • Presidential Decree No: 0048/08/2010 dated on 26/08/2010 and will be approved by the Somaliland Parliament
  • to maintain its impartiality and independence. 
  • Good Governance andAnti-corruption Commissionaire is an independent and autonomous Commissionaire.
  • Good Governance andAnti-corruption Commissionaire was established to be fully responsible for creating and maintaining
  • a Culture of Good Governance and a System of Government Free from all sorts of Corruption.


The vision of Good Governance and Anti Corruption
is to realize transparent, democratic and effective Institutions accountable to
its Citizens and a system of governance free from all forms of corruption and impartiality with a zero tolerance of corruption


Mission Statement

Good Governance and Anti-corruption Commissionaire exists for the creation of a system of governance that is inclusive, participatory, just and accountable, which encompasses a
merit-based and transparent system. A public reform that enables effective public institutions led with policies and legislations, Government institutions with vision of a developed
nation free from forms of corruption, capable and motivated public servants with result-oriented leadership



The Commissionaire is mandated to promote and enforce good governance, and advice, design and formulate appropriate recommended policies and institutional
arrangements and frameworks to the government for the achievement of good governance as well The commissioner has the mandate on eliminating corruption and
creating an environment with zero